x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Reconcile or divorce, Abu Dhabi judge tells squabbling couple

"When will you stop swearing at each other?" the judge asked the couple.

ABU DHABI // An Appeals Court judge told a squabbling couple to either divorce or reconcile.

"When will you stop swearing at each other?" Chief Justice Dr Khairi Al Kabbash asked the couple today. "Just let it go and start over with a clean heart and you'll be pure as a flower!"

KS, an Emirati, is appealing his conviction for verbally insulting his stepdaughter M, claiming her complaint is merely in retaliation for a police report he filed against her for insulting him. His complaint was dropped by prosecutors as there were no witnesses.

"I went to see my daughters, then my wife stepped outside and said 'you have no children here'," the man told the court.

"Then you said that bad swear word to them?" asked the chief justice.

The man denied saying any "bad words" or insults and said his stepdaughter was merely retaliating for the complaint he filed against her. "After it was dropped she filed her complaint."

He said that he was serious in his complaint - noting that he had also filed a lawsuit against his wife F and her son because they had verbally and physically attacked him, but that this complaint was also dropped due to a lack of witnesses.

The judge then lectured him about the need for a fresh start with his wife and the need to leave the past behind. He said if the man could not do this, the couple should divorce.

A verdict is expected on January 21.