x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 27 July 2017

Rapist who posed as modelling agent jailed

A man who raped a waitress after tricking her into believing he was a modelling agent is jailed for three years.

DUBAI // A security guard who posed as a modelling agent so he and a friend could rape a waitress was today sentenced to three years in prison.

The waitress was leaving a gift shop in Al Mutaina at about 11.30pm on July when the man stopped her and showed her a catalogue, claiming that he owned a fashion advertising agency.

"He offered to take my pictures for the catalogue and pay me for it, but I refused," said the waitress, a 30-year-old Filipina.

The man then showed her several contracts he claimed to have with other Filipinas and suggested she accompany him to his agency's office to sign up. She told him she needed to take the contract home to read before signing anything, but he insisted so she agreed.

"I was surprised when he opened the door of an apartment and pushed me inside," said the waitress.

The man then threw her onto a sofa bed and threatened her with scissors when she refused to have sex with him. Another man who had been hiding in the bathroom then entered and the two men took turns raping her over the course of the next hour. They then released her.

The waitress said that after she was raped she confided in a roommate and colleague who then informed their manager, who in turn called the police.

The colleague said that the waitress was crying when she returned home but was too scared to say what had happened because the men had threatened to harm her.

"She told me of their address after many hours, then I told my boss," said the colleague.

MF, 35, and MT, 29, who are both security guards from Pakistan, claimed that the intercourse was consensual.

"We had sex with her, your honour, but she was fine with it," the men told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance through a translator.

However, a forensics report found otherwise.

Both men were sentenced to three years in jail. Both will be deported following their prison terms.