x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Rapist's sentence increased to 15 years

Rapist's appeal against 5-year sentence rejected by court, which increased it to 15.

DUBAI // A rapist who gagged his victim with her own sari before raping her in her office has had his jail term increased from five to 15 years.

The Dubai Court of Appeal today dismissed protestations of innocence by the 43-year-old Pakistani JA, who was appealing the more lenient ruling handed down by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

The lower court heard that JA entered the woman's office in Jebel Ali on March 3 to deliver documents that needed her signature. Finding her alone, he decided to rape her.

The woman said that JA had given her the documents as she was getting ready to leave for the day. She said she noticed he was sad and that she asked him why. He replied that it was his last day of work and that he wanted to kiss her.

She then tried to leave, but JA stopped her. When she tried to call her husband, JA knocked the phone from her hand. When she screamed he covered her mouth with his hand, then ripped off pieces of her sari to gag her and tie her hands behind her back.

He then carried her to another room where he threw her face down on a desk and raped her.

Afterwards the woman asked JA for water, and when he went to the kitchen, she fled, called her husband and went to Jebel Ali police station to report the rape.

JA claimed he had an affair with the 40-year-old Indian manager and that the sex was with her consent.

JA will be deported after his 15-year-jail term.