x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Rapist police officer told woman 'you're my fifth victim'

A policeman who raped a woman told her he would avoid punishment as his father was a senior officer.

DUBAI // A policeman who told his rape victim he would avoid punishment as his father was a senior officer was yesterday jailed for a year.

S?A, from Oman, was convicted of kidnapping and raping the Moroccan woman, 27, to whom he had also bragged of four other rapes.

Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard S?A, 26, and two men stopped the taxi in which the woman was going home about 3.30am.

She told the court they ordered the driver to hand over his licence for blocking traffic, and that every time she tried to catch another taxi, S?A would tell the driver to move on. She accepted a lift from him to her Al Muteena flat but when she got in his car, “he told me I lacked manners, as did all Moroccans, and he would teach me manners”.

He drove off-road for 10 minutes, stopped and pulled her out of the seat by her hair, the court heard.

S?A raped her, then drove her to her friend’s flat in Sharjah.

“He said I was the fifth Moroccan he raped and that his father was a senior official in police and I can’t harm him,” she told the court.

S?A will be deported after completing his prison term.