Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 23 May 2019

Prominent Abu Dhabi community member loses appeal for causing friend's death

29-year-old man will serve five-year sentence in Dubai for fatal assault conviction

A prominent member of Abu Dhabi’s community who assaulted a man, causing his death, will have to see out a five-year prison sentence after his appeal was rejected in court.

The Emirati defendant – whose identity cannot be revealed – assaulted a compatriot while drunk on January 27.

The two were at a party at the defendant's home in Al Barsha, along with other friends, when the victim said he wanted to leave but was prevented by the defendant.

When the victim finally left the defendant’s home, the accused, 29, drove after him, while driving under the influence of alcohol, and assaulted him. The victim, who had chronic cardiac ischemia, died immediately afterwards.

A witness telephoned the police and called an ambulance after seeing the victim – whose age was not disclosed in court records - collapse. The witness told investigators that the defendant left the victim on the ground and drove off.

A forensic expert, testifying for the defence, told Dubai Criminal Court in an earlier hearing that the victim’s death was a result of the heart condition, not the assault.

The medical report, prepared by forensic experts at Dubai Police, revealed that the defendant shoved the victim's chest and hit him while screaming at him, which put the man in a state of panic and caused his death.

On May 15, the criminal court convicted the defendant of assaulting someone's safety, accidentally causing their death, illegally consuming alcohol and driving under the influence.

The defendant denied all charges in both criminal and appeal courts.

He was sentenced to five years in prison and to have his car confiscated. Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.


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