x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Professor warned student of husband's philandering ways, UAE court told

A university professor sent an email to the wife of one of his students, warning her of her husband's philandering ways, hears court.

ABU DHABI // A university professor anonymously emailed a student to warn her of her husband's philandering ways, a court heard.

One email warned the woman that her husband MM, 33, an Emirati, was constantly flirting with female students, had "many girlfriends" and was planning to marry one of them, said prosecutors.

A second email urged her to confront her husband about her love rival, saying "there is a professor who is aware of their relationship and maybe he can tell you about it".

The husband and wife were both on a finance course at the American University in the Emirates, where they were being taught by Dr Cl, 46, from Hong Kong.

But the professor denies sending either email, though he admits warning one of his other students against the man.

He resigned last July and was travelling home for a holiday before taking a new job in Oman in September when immigration officials told him a police complaint had been made against him.

The professor's defence lawyer Amal Al Zaabi said there was no evidence that he sent the emails. She pointed out the emails were written in Arabic, which the professor cannot speak, read or write and said there was nothing linking the professor to the email account from which they were sent.

"The testimony of the victim is not enough evidence to convict the defendant," she told the court.

The professor was charged with defamation. He was granted bail and a verdict was scheduled for September 29.