x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Pregnant teenager to be deported

A pregnant 15-year-old tells a court she is unsure who is the father of her baby.

DUBAI // A pregnant teenager who is unsure who the father of her baby will be deported.

RW, a 15-year-old from the US, admitted to having a sexual relationship with two teenagers - LT, a 17-year-old from Jordan, and KK, a 19-year-old university student from Syria.

She said she had met LT on Facebook before arriving in the UAE at the end of August last year. He introduced her to his friend, KK, in November. She confessed to having sex with KK twice - once in the staircase of her apartment building and once in the apartment of a friend in Sharjah.

The girl said that she was under the influence of alcohol at the time and did not realise what was happening to her. She also admitted to having sex with LT, but denied being paid by either of them.

RW visited the Iranian Hospital on December 19 last year complaining of abdominal pain. There she was told she was eight weeks pregnant.

"I knew I was pregnant, I was having the symptoms and had done the home test which came back positive," she told prosecutors.

She said that when the hospital confirmed her suspicions, she could not determine which one of the two teenagers was the father.

LT said he had known the girl for about a year and had sex with her consent. He said he did not know she was pregnant until three days before he was arrested. KK denied having sex with her, saying they had only kissed in his car.

The girl and LT were both sentenced to deportation by the Juvenile Court, while KK was sentenced to two months in prison by the Court of Misdemeanours. He will be deported after serving his jail term.