Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 July 2019

Policeman who tried to rape bank worker is jailed

Disgraced officer will be deported after serving jail term

A policeman who stripped a bank worker naked and demanded sex in exchange for signing up for a credit card offer before attempting to rape her has been locked up for a year.

The victim, 26, had called the police officer to offer him a credit card and agreed to meet him to discus the deal on May 8 of last year.

But when drove the Filipino woman to her bank in Al Muraqqabat to complete the transaction he parked his car and locked the doors and windows before warning her he would "have his way with her" whether she said "yes or no."

The defendant, 28, from Yemen, was convicted of attempted rape at Dubai Criminal Court.

“He said he would like to meet and take our credit card offer,” said the woman in records.

The two then met at a cafe in Al Ghurair at 2pm the same day before he insisted on having the procedures done at the bank.

“He wanted to make sure that I worked there for real and wasn't scamming him,” said the woman.

She added that as he drove to the branch in Al Muraqqabat area, he took a detour leaving the bank behind.

“He parked his car and locked the doors and windows then started asking me personal questions. I told him it was not appropriate but he wasn't listening and was installing the shades before he jumped to the back seat,” she said.

The policeman stripped her naked and told her he would take the bank offer if she gave herself in return.

“He tried to convince me saying he was a well-connected man and can help me in my life. I still refused then he said that whether I said yes or no, he would have his way with me,” said the victim.

The defendant tried to rape her but when he failed, he assaulted her sexually and forced her to pleasure him.

He asked the woman to get dressed before he drove towards a petrol station where he told her to go the toilets and fix herself.

The "terrified" woman used the opportunity to call her manager for help.

“I locked myself inside and called my manager and told him everything. I also called my colleague and sent him my location so he would come pick me up,” said the woman, who then headed to the police station and reported the incident.

The woman’s colleague told prosecutors that she called him at 4pm and was crying and screaming.

“She was terrified when I picked her up, she was crying and in shock as she told me what happened. I immediately took her to the police station,” testified the Egyptian man, 29.

The offender will be deported after serving his term.

Updated: June 7, 2018 01:46 PM