Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 25 March 2019

Police arrest man who planted Marijuana in his Abu Dhabi home

The accused planted the marijuana for 'experimental purposes', police said

Man who planted marijuana in his house has been arrested by Abu Dhabi police.

The accused, identified as an Asian, planted the marijuana for experimental purposes, police said.

If the seedlings proved successful, he was planning to expand the cultivation.

When the anti-narcotics police raided his house, they were able to uncover the seedlings, despite the man’s best efforts to conceal them, said Col Taher Al Dhaheri, director of drug control in Abu Dhabi police.

Once they were found, the man was taken into custody, and upon questioning, he confessed planting the marijuana. However, he said his attempts failed and the plants did not grow.

His case has already been referred to public prosecution, who can later refer it to court if they find him guilty.

"Citizens and residents should cooperate with the police and report any illegal or suspicious acts or behaviour to combat drug dealers, smugglers, and drug traffickers and help us strengthen our response in this regard," the Colonel said.

Updated: April 6, 2018 04:15 PM