x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Police arrest man accused of raping women at knifepoint in lifts at night

An Egyptian 'women hunter' has been arrested for threatening and raping women using elevators at night, Abu Dhabi police have said.

ABU DHABI // An Egyptian “women hunter” has been arrested for threatening and raping women using elevators at night,  Abu Dhabi police have said.

The 30-year-old man was found to be sexually assaulting women who used building lifts alone at night.

Through investigations with the suspect, it was found that the man preyed on Asian maids, threatening them with a “fruit knife” and forcibly taking them to the stairs, where he would harass or rape them. He would then flee.

Police noted that they succeeded in identifying the offender, despite the lack of information stated by the victims.

Brigadier Maktoum Al Sharifi, director of the directorate of Capital Police, stressed on the importance of family cooperation and letting their building watchman know when a stranger is there, or any person who has no reason to be there.

He urged people not to hesitate to inform police of any cases, and he called on residents to inform building owners to regularly maintain elevators and stairs and to provide enough lighting in these areas so that these places do not become “hotbeds” for “vulnerable souls”, or become hiding places for offenders.

Brig Al Shairfi emphasized on the importance of accompanying children while they used elevators, and asked residents living in building to be more vigilant and cautious about their children and domestic servants and taking into account all the requirements and standards of safety and security.