x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Please do not deport me, thief begs

Supermarket worker caught stealing electronic equipment asks court to cancel his deportation.

ABU DHABI // A worker at Lulu hypermarket who stole five electronic devices before being caught trying to steal a television has asked the Appeals Court to cancel his deportation.

"You did a beautiful thing, you stole five devices including a TV, a BlackBerry phone ... and hid them in your room," Dr Khairi Al Kabbash, the head of the court, said to the worker, SM.

"But then Satan continued his work with you and you tried to steal a TV again."

The worker had stashed the television in the customer service area and planned to take it home later, but staff became suspicious and asked him why he had put it there.

He then admitted he was trying to steal the TV.

At his original trial in the Criminal Court, the supermarket worker confessed only to attempting to steal the items, saying he had returned all the devices and that his employer had subsequently withdrawn the complaint against him.

The court sentenced him to a custodial term in addition to his deportation, but it was not clear how long this custodial term would be.

A verdict is expected on September 26.