Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 24 May 2019

Phone salesman escapes rape attempt from shop customer, court hears

The salesman told the court that the man kept calling him and offered him a lift home on the day of the incident

A salesman escaped being raped by a shop customer, who had locked him in his house, by hiding under the trees in his garden, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

Two weeks before the incident, the 27-year-old Emirati defendant visited a phone repair shop where the 18-year-old Syrian salesman worked.

“He came to fix his mobile and, as is procedure, I gave him my phone number to contact for updates. He kept calling and visiting and often tried to invite me out but I refused,” the shop worker said.

On December 2, the defendant and offered the salesman a ride home after he missed his scheduled lift.

“That day he visited the shop and delayed me from catching my ride back home, then offered me a lift,” the salesman told the court.

While driving the salesman home, the defendant allegedly lured the man into his Al Qusais house by pretending there was an emergency. He then he locked the man inside.

“He told me that he wanted to rape me, then showed me several scars on his body saying he is a criminal and fears no one and that I can either have it done the hard way or the easy way,” the salesman said.

“He then threatened to have five of his friends take turns raping me, so I told him that he was stronger than all five and took off my shoes to make him believe I was undressing.”

He said the moment the defendant looked away he ran for the door, unlocked it, climbed up the wall and hid under the trees outside.

The salesman then used his mobile phone to call a friend, who did not answer. Eventually, the friend’s brother answered the phone.

“I could barely hear him but I could tell he was scared, he said a man wanted to rape him but he escaped and was hiding and needs help, so I told my father,” said the 23-year-old Syrian.

The father told the salesman to share his location, then he and his son drove there and picked him up.

“When we arrived to the location, he came out from under the trees and was shaking, he couldn't even talk and just asked for water,” the friend’s brother said, adding that the salesman told them what happened on their way home.

The following day, the salesman reported the incident at Al Qusais police station. The defendant was arrested two days later.

In court on Sunday, the defendant denied an attempted rape charge. The next hearing is scheduled for February 20.

Updated: February 11, 2018 04:59 PM