x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 24 July 2017

Passport forgers' sentences upheld

Men had faked information on copies to illegally obtain SIM cards.

DUBAI // The Court of Appeal today upheld the convictions for two men who forged passport copies to get mobile SIM cards.

The Indians RA, 25, and RAB, 29, also Indian, both Du customer service officers, were convicted in March and sentenced to one year in prison.

Both men made photocopies of the passports, then forged the information on the residency stamps to show the owners worked for a Dubai bank.

They used the forged photocopies, helped by a third, unidentified man, at Du to get 12 SIM cards.

According to court records, the two men have also saved credit card information of Du customers and used it to embezzle Dh6,000 in May.

MG, an Emirati co-ordinator at Du, testified that the crime was discovered when the company came across repeated, large recharges of certain numbers.

The men will be deported after serving their prison terms.