x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 21 July 2017

Nurse and driver accused of stealing Dubai hospital equipment

A hospital nurse and driver are accused of stealing medical equipment.

DUBAI // A nurse assistant and a driver at Rashid Hospital stole medical equipment worth Dh625 the Criminal Court heard today.

The hospital's security guard confronted the driver MA, 45, from India, after following him to the hospital car park on April 26 last year and watching him load his car.

"I told him I needed to check the items and when I found it was medical equipment I called my supervisor," recalled the guard MD, 23, from Ethiopia.

The driver then called the nurse assistant, KM, 42, also from India, and the pair accompanied the guard to the security office where the driver claimed he was delivering the items to a patient.

"He kept changing his story about which unit he took the items from," said the guard.

Prosecutors said the nurse assistant confessed to stealing the equipment and giving it to the driver to smuggle out of the hospital.

Neither defendant appeared in court to enter a plea and the case was adjourned to April 7.