x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Mother who made suicide attempt sentenced

A woman is sentenced for trying to kill herself.

DUBAI // A mother has been given a one-month suspended jail sentence for trying to kill herself by slitting one of her wrists and swallowing nearly 50 paracetamol tablets.

SK, a 46-year-old Indian housewife, used a kitchen knife to slit her wrist and swallowed the tablets on at about 7.30am on May 23. At the time, her 56-year-old husband, KF, was shaving in the bathroom and her son was waking up in their Al Karama home.

She did not elaborate on her reasons for attempting to kill herself. But her son, JK, testified that before the suicide attempt his mother had received calls from a relative. The day before the incident, she visited the relative in Sharjah to settle a dispute, but he said she "changed after her return from that visit".

KF said he heard his wife, who was in the bedroom, moaning in pain and rushed to the room to find her lying in a pool of blood and vomiting.

He testified that he tied a piece of cloth on the wound and called an ambulance. He noted that he also saw several empty bubble packs of tablets next to her.

"She was very pale," KF said, adding that his wife did not suffer from any mental illnesses and had never attempted to kill herself before.