x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Mother, son stabbed officers, prosecutors say

They are accused of attacking CID investigators looking for evidence in their home, according to records.

DUBAI // A woman and her son this morning denied trying to kill two on-duty police officers as they searched the family’s home.

The 56-year-old woman, Z?A, Emirati, is charged with stabbing a Dubai police lieutenant, F?A, twice in the arm while her son, S?A, 29, also Emirati, is accused of stabbing him in the abdomen, Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance records said.

Z?A is also accused of stabbing A?M, a police captain, in the thigh while S?A attempted to stab him in the neck before other officers restrained them, records show.

According to records, on September 26, 2010, the victims were at Z?A’s villa in Al Qarqaa as part of an investigation into theft charges against S?A’s brother.

S?A, a soldier, arrived in uniform and screamed at the investigators, accusing them of presenting a forged search warrant, prosecutors said.

After a heated argument, the Criminal Investigation Division team started searching the house, prosecutors said. They said that when the two victims tried to head to the second floor to continue working, Z?A came out of the kitchen and attacked F?A. Then her son joined her.

She was hiding a knife in her clothes, said the records.

Witnesses said that while A?M tried to calm ZA, she stabbed him, too.

Records said Z?A’s two other sons and two daughters started pushing officers down the stairs as they tried to reach the second floor.

R?A, a Dubai police corporal accompanying the search team, said he saw S?A take a small knife from his pocket and stab FA. He said FA was bleeding from his abdomen.

R?A added that after the assault, police found large quantities of jewellery hidden in Z?A’s room under the bed – the items the other son was alleged to have stolen.

The next hearing was scheduled for March 20 to hear more witness testimony.