Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 24 May 2019

Men who had sex with prostitute in car then robbed her are jailed

Indian and Pakistani car garage workers targeted prostitutes regularly, having sex with them before stealing their money, Dubai court hears

Two men who had sex with a prostitute in the back seat of a car then robbed her and kicked her out of the moving vehicle will spend six months in jail each.

Dubai Criminal Court heard that the incident happened on April 28 after the 21-year-old Pakistani prostitute met the men at about 4.30am.

“They told me they were policemen,” she told investigators, adding that she agreed with them on the price for sex then got into their car, which was driven to a remote and dark area.

“When we were done, one of them went through my purse and took Dh600 I had, then snatched my phone and threw me out of the car,” said the woman, who was deported after reporting the men to police for kidnap and rape.

“We initiated investigations and the woman took us to the location where she said the men kidnapped her from. It was near a hotel, so we checked the cameras in the area and saw that she spoke to a man for a while then got into the car with him willingly,” said an Emirati policeman, 44.

The woman was then detained for filing a bogus report.

Police identified the men through the car’s number plate and apprehended them as they were talking to women in the same area they met the prostitute.

“They resisted arrest and hit a police patrol [vehicle] that was chasing them but were arrested and referred to Al Riffa police station,” said the officer.

The pair allegedly confessed during police questioning that they went to the same area almost every day to target prostitutes.

Police found the stolen phone in the car they used and Dh200 that remained from the amount they stole from the victim. “The men worked in a garage and the car they used in the crime was for a customer,” added the policeman.

Both men, an Indian, 36, and a 24-year-old Pakistani, denied charges of theft in court. However, on Tuesday both were convicted and sentenced to six months in jail, to be followed by deportation.

Updated: September 5, 2017 04:11 PM