x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Men stole Dh400,000 in cash and goods, court told

Robbery of sporting-goods store netted cash and goods, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // Two men were charged in court today with forcing open a safe in a Sun and Sand Sports Shop in Dubai and stealing cash and goods worth about Dh400,000.

The men, , JM, 38, and TN, 25, both from Kenya, confessed before the Dubai Court of First Instance this morning. They were also charged with damaging property of Sun and Sand Sport.

Court records stated the men broke into the shop on October 24, 2010, and forced open a safe, from which they stole Dh24,000 and US$300. 

Prosecutors said that the suspects then took goods from the shop that are worth Dh372,279, stashed them in plastic bags and stored them with a third suspect, RN, 27, also from Kenya. 

RN is facing charges of possessing stolen items and damaging property. He has confessed.

Records show that JM, who worked at the shop as a salesman, planned the theft and persuaded TN to participate. TN went to the shop on the day of the incident while JM hid inside, prosecutors said.

Some of the stolen items were found with TN as he tried to smuggle them out of the country, records showed. 

A verdict is expected on February 7.