x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Men staged fight to rob ATM customer, court told

They attacked driver after 'accidentally' bumping into him during brawl, prosecutors said.

DUBAI // Two men faked a fight in front of an ATM while a taxi driver withdrew his salary, then dragged him into the brawl and tried to rob him, a court was told.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard that SS, stateless, 19, and his Pakistani accomplice HH, 24, started making a fuss after midnight on April 1 in Al Qusais area near Dubai Transport. HS, Egyptian, 22, was using the nearby Dubai Emirates Bank ATM.

HS testified that one of the men bumped into him.

"I told him to watch out and remain far until I finished my ATM process, but he got furious and started insulting me," said HS.

HH allegedly spoke fluent Arabic to him, calling him a "son of a b****" before spitting in HS's face.

HS said he took his money from the machine and rushed to his car, but the men followed him, punched him in the abdomen and back, then tried to grab the money out of his pocket.

A security guard nearby saw them and rushed to the driver's help. HH and SS fled before police arrived, records show.

Police arrested SS shortly in an Enoc petrol station on Oman Street. HH was arrested shortly after.

The next hearing is on November 28.