x Abu Dhabi, UAESunday 21 January 2018

Men drugged, raped male student, prosecutors say

They slipped sleeping pills into his tea, then assaulted him after he was unconscious, a court hears.

DUBAI // Two men drugged a student and sexually assaulted him, the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance heard this morning. 

The suspects MA, 26, from Iran, and RK, 21, a Bidoon, both unemployed, allegedly dissolved sleeping pills in a cup of tea before offering it to the victim, AA, whose name was not listed in records but who is an adult. After he fell unconscious, they abused him, records say.

According to court records, MA, was at his home in Dubai with his friend RK when a third suspect, not identified in records, visited him about 11pm in July 2009.

A Dubai Police officer told investigators that the victim was with the friend, who stayed late for a long PlayStation gaming session. He left shortly before dawn, but AA remained at MA’s house until 7am the next day, the officer said. 

The officer said MA confessed to him that he told RK he wanted to sexually assault the victim and asked him to help, according to records.

MA then gave AA the drugged tea. AA started feeling sleepy and asked to lie down, the officer said, adding that once he dozed off, MA and RK took off his trousers and MA sexually assaulted him, records show.

RK then molested him while MA was recording the incident on his mobile phone, the officer said in records. 

AA learnt about the incident later from a friend who overheard the suspects talking about what they had done, prosecutors said.

The next hearing has been scheduled for March 27 to summon the suspects.