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Maths teacher jailed six months for molesting 15-year-old pupil

A mathematics teacher who molested a 15-year-old pupil is sentenced to six months in prison.

DUBAI // A mathematics teacher who molested his 15-year-old pupil has been sentenced to six months in prison.

The teacher KY, a 45-year-old Palestinian, was giving a private lesson to the girl at Al Ittihad Cultural Council in Hor Al Anz on May 19 when she noticed him staring and smiling at her. He also called her a "princess" and began touching her hand before grabbing her arm.

He then touched her cheek and passed his finger over her lips. She jerked her head back and the teacher left the room briefly, before returning and kissing her on the lips.

The girl pushed him away once more and told him to concentrate on the lesson. "But he kept asking me if I liked sex and told me he was horny," said the girl.

She said that when the lesson ended he kissed her once more, saying "Alas, time is over. I wanted to eat you."

The pupil ran down the stairs and headed to her mother's car. When she got home she told her older sister what had happened and her mother overheard. The mother then told her husband and he reported the matter to police.

The teacher denied a charge of sexual assault but the Criminal Court found him guilty. He will be deported after completing his prison term.