x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Marriage pact valid, court rules in paternity suit

A husband, who denied his wife's child was his, had accused her of forging their marriage certificate.


DUBAI // Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted a 28-year-old housewife of forgery and use of forged official documents after her husband claimed she created a fraudulent marriage contract to prove he was the father of her child.

According to prosecution records, when the woman, identified as AA, told her 31-year-old husband, a security guard, that she was pregnant two months after they got married in January 2008, he denied the child was his. He refused to register the baby under his name and accused her of getting pregnant by another man shortly before they got married, according to Dubai Shariah Court records.

After a heated argument, AA lodged a complaint against him at the Rafaa Police station, said the records. After she presented the marriage contract, from Egypt, which had been authenticated by the Ministries of Interior and Justice in the UAE, he accused her of forging it.

The husband also denied that the marriage took place in Egypt at that date, according to records.

AA denied the charges on October 3 last year and said she filed a lawsuit in Egypt to force her husband to admit the child was his.