x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Man who beat 4 wives gives up on appeal

An Emirati man who beat up his four wives and divorced three of them after he found them fighting over a room, will give up his appeal after one of his sons withdrew his complaint, an appeals court heard yesterday.

ABU DHABI // An Emirati father of 16 who was jailed for beating up his four wives after he found them fighting over a room yesterday withdrew his appeal against the sentence.

Following the assaults the man divorced three of the wives and one of these then filed a lawsuit against him. In it she complained that she had been more viciously assaulted than any of the others, noting that her then husband had slammed her head against the wall a number of times. None of the other three women filed complaints, but one of the man's 16 sons did.

Court records did not make clear why the man did not divorce one of the women, despite having beaten all of them.

The criminal court originally sentenced the man to one month in prison and fined him Dh2,000. He took the case to the appeals court, saying he had a right to discipline his wife, but the court upheld the sentence and the case then went to the court of cassation. This court accepted his plea and sent the case back to the appeals court for a second hearing.

Dr Khairi Al Kabbash, the head of the appeals court, yesterday asked the man the whereabouts of the son who had complained about him.

The man said he did not know, but that the son had withdrawn his complaint.

"I will also withdraw my appeal, if it's about the money, I'll just pay the fine and get it over with," he told the court.

Dr Al Kabbash then asked how many children the man had; he said 16.

"Can you differentiate between them?", asked the judge.

The man replied enigmatically that he "marks them".