x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Man used stun gun to rob friend of cash, car, court told

Emirati man says he was simply taking what already belonged to him and did not threaten anyone.

ABU DHABI // A man accused of using an elecrtrical stun gun to threaten a friend into giving him money and a Land Rover denied the charges, saying he was simply collecting things that belonged to him and did not use force.

HS, an Emirati, said he had given his friend, who owns a car garage, Dh150,000 to invest in spare car parts.

"We had an investment contract," he said at the Criminal Court of First Instance.

He said he had paid a deposit for the Land Rover, and his friend owed him money equivalent to the remainder of the value.

HS did admit he had an unlicensed stun gun.

"I always have it with me in the car because I carry large sums of money," he told the court.

He said his friend, who was not identified in court, knew about the stun gun because it was always in his car.

The judge asked him why didn't he acquire a licensed weapon, and he replied that he used it for self defense and not as a weapon.

The next hearing will be August 15.


This story was updated on August 2 2011 to remove incorrect references to a Taser.