Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 21 May 2019

Man 'too drunk' to recall Dubai taxi driver attack is jailed

Offender also assaulted police officer who responded to incident

A man who claimed he was "too drunk" to remember launching an unprovoked attack on a Dubai taxi driver was handed a three-month jail sentence.

The Spaniard, 21, also assaulted two police officers, biting one on the hand, after they responded to the incident.

The offender had hailed a taxi along with a group of friends after an outing at a five-star hotel in Al Barsha in March.

The Pakistani driver - whose age was not disclosed in court records - pulled over and called police after he was punched by the defendant.

After being restrained and handcuffed, the accused was taken to a police station, where he continued to hurl abuse at officers.

“When we got to the location, the accused was not acting normal and he was obviously drunk,” said an Emirati policeman, 28, who tried to calm the man down, but instead was assaulted.

During questioning, the accused said he had no recollection of carrying out the attack.

A Filipino woman, 32, who was in the taxi along with the defendant, said that her friend started the assault for no reason.

The Spaniard was convicted of assault and insulting police officers at Dubai Criminal Court. He will be deported after serving full sentence.

Updated: November 26, 2018 08:11 PM