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Man stabbed maid several times and left her disfigured, court hears

An Emirati man stabbed an Indonesian maid several times, leaving her disfigured, prosecutors said.

DUBAI // A businessman stabbed a maid several times, leaving her badly disfigured, a court heard today.

The 27-year-old victim, NM, of Indonesia, was slashed more than nine times in the head, face, thighs and stomach. Veins in both her arms were also cut, the court heard.

The woman suffers from a 10-percent disability because of the attack, prosecution records show.

The 39-year-old Emirati businessman AK stabbed the woman, who does not work for him, at his Rashidiya residence on the morning of May 31 of last year, prosecutors said.

The incident happened after NM cooked dinner for AK at 3am. NM told prosecutors that AK entered his bedroom in an "abnormal state". It is unclear why the attack happened.

"He had something hidden under his shirt and he dropped it. It was a knife," she told prosecutors. "He asked me why I brought it and said that I was trying to kill him."

NM told prosecutors she has known AK for nearly two years and that the two have been sexually involved. She said that on the eve of the attack, the two had met and talked about his Indian maid, including his complaints about her.

After the attack began the next day, the woman ran and hid from the defendant for two hours in the garage behind his Smart Car, records show.

"I screamed for the Pakistani servants in the house to help me and they tricked him by telling him I was gone," she said.

However, after the sun began to rise, AK found NM, stabbed her, and slashed her, prosecutors said.

Witnesses described the scene to investigators as a slaughter, prosecution records show.

"The servants told us that the defendant threatened to kill them if they reported him to police," a police lieutenant testified. "One of the servants escaped and called the operations room."

AK denied the charges of attempted murder and threatening to kill others. The court will reconvene on February 28.