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Man shoots two of his cousins in apparent dispute over land

Third man also targeted in shooting outside mosque as relatives insist 'there is no problem between our families.'

FUJAIRAH // A man shot three people, including two of his cousins, with a rifle when they left a mosque after Maghrib prayers in a small Fujairah town on Saturday. Police said they did not know the motive for the shootings, in the village of Waib al Hanna, and that the attack, which left one man in a critical condition in hospital, appeared to be unplanned.

However, some residents believe it was a dispute over land ownership. Those involved were between the ages of 18 and 35. The youngest victim was shot in the torso four times. He was taken to Fujairah Hospital, where his condition was said to be improving. The other two victims were admitted to Dibba Hospital, one with a gunshot wound to the right calf who was later released and another who was shot in the shoulder.

Saeed al Yammahi, 38, who described himself as a close family friend of those involved in the incident, said: "People are surprised, especially when there's no big problem. They are relatives. They have been living together for years." Relatives of the men said the attack would not sour relationships in the village. "There is no problem between our families," the father of two of the victims said. "We don't know why there was a fight."

Residents said violence with firearms was rare in the region. Abdulla al Yammahi, 36, said: "Everybody has a gun in this area and it is no problem. Most people can control themselves. There are dogs and wolves in this area and they use the guns for this, not for people." The case has been forwarded to public prosecutors. @Email:azacharias@thenational.ae