x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Man's marriage bid: throw mother down the stairs, court hears

Emiriti girl told Dubai court that attack by her brother and the friend he wanted her to marry was triggered because another man had proposed to her.

DUBAI // A woman’s brother laughed as his would-be suitor friend assaulted his sister and threw her mother down stairs, threatening to kill them both, a court has been told.

The court heard the Emirati woman S?H, 27, returned to her home in Al Quoz with her mother, M, about 6pm on March 7 last year.

When she entered the house she noticed her brother’s unemployed friend A?E, 34, who holds a Comoros Islands passport, coming out of her room.

The daughter entered the room and found many of her documents had been torn up, so she followed the friend into the yard to ask him why he had done it.

“He told me that I and my mother would be buried, while my brother was laughing at me,” said the daughter.

“He grabbed my chest and slapped me several times. Then my mother interfered to stop him so he assaulted her.” She said her brother was still laughing as her mother was assaulted.

The court heard that the friend banged the mother’s head against the wall, then threw her to the ground and pushed her down stairs.

The daughter said they were attacked because a man had proposed to her, but that her brother A?H, 24, wanted her to marry his friend.

She said that while her mother was being assaulted she ran to the bathroom to take shelter.

“I started screaming for anyone around to call police,” she said.

The daughter told prosecutors that her brother slapped her when she left the bathroom.

“‘I will damage your car and those of police if they come,’ my brother told me,” she said.

She said he also threatened to harm her if she did not withdraw her police complaint.

The brother and his friend were charged with assault. The friend was also charged with damaging official documents and entering the house without permission. Both pleaded not guilty.

The case was adjourned in the Court of Misdemeanours to November 11.