x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Man's consensual sex sentence reduced to three months

Man accused of forcing two women into sex, blackmailing them with indecent photos and insulting them has had his one-year sentence reduced to three months on appeal.

Haneen Dajani

ABU DHABI // A man who had been found guilty of using indecent photos to blackmail two women into having sex with him has had his conviction quashed.

MM, an Emirati, was simultaneously dating MA and AS, also UAE nationals.

The students said he forced them into indecent photos, which he threatened to show their parents unless the two had sex with him.

The court heard MA told her brothers, AA and MAb, who chased the defendant in their car, crashed into his vehicle, then chased him into a private home. The householder called the police who arrested all three.

The brothers claimed they crashed into MM's car only because he stopped suddenly, and denied chasing him further.

In an earlier hearing, the father of AS threatened to kill her if it were proved that she had done anything to dishonour her family.

The judges told him a conviction alone was not proof that she had committed the offence.

MM's conviction for consensual sex was upheld, but those for blackmail, assault and abusive behaviour were overturned.

The women's consensual sex convictions were upheld, but their three-month sentences were suspended for three years.

MA's brothers received a one-month suspended sentence each for hitting his car.