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Man denies raping girlfriend's roommate

An Emirati student said he was at the woman's apartment to collect rent, not to harm her.

DUBAI // A man denied raping his girlfriend's roommate, a court heard this morning.

SN, 24, Emirati told the Dubai Criminal Court that he did not rape JA, a 38-year-old Filipina, but was at her apartment to collect the rent as he owned the flat in Al Karama.

Prosecutors charged him with rape on January 9.

Records show that the defendant called JA on the morning of the incident and asked where his girlfriend, J, was. JA told him she did not know. The defendant, a student, said he was sad about problems he was having with J and wanted someone to talk to.

JA said he could come by the apartment later that night.

"He came and I invited him to the kitchen because my roommates were asleep," the victim said in records.

The two had a chat for about 10 minutes before she asked SN to leave because it was getting late.

SN allegedly asked her for a hug, but she refused. He threatened to beat her, then pushed her to the corner and raped her.

"I didn't rape her. I was there to collect the rent money," SN said in court today.

The victim said despite her pleas, SN raped her. He left, and she told her roommates, who were awakened by her crying.

The woman's roommate AD testified that the victim woke her up and was crying and shivering. The 48-year-old Filipina witness said JA was afraid to call the police because SN is Emirati and she was afraid she might lose her job.

The next hearing will be on July 18.