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Man denies raping boy, 17

A man denies tying up a 17-year-old boy with his own belt before raping him.

DUBAI // A man has denied raping a teenage boy.

Prosecutors said that the boy, a 17-year-old Emirati, had been visiting the house of his compatriot and friend SS, an unemployed 30-year-old, in Oud Al Mutaina on August 31 last year when he was attacked by the 30-year-old and another man, A.

At about 8am the 30-year-old told the teenager to accompany him into another room so that he could talk to him privately. When the teenager did so, the 30-year-old slapped him and demanded to have sex with him. When the teenager refused the 30-year-old and the other man tied him up using his own belt.

The teenager said that the 30-year-old then raped him twice.

"When he dozed off I ran away," said the teenager. He then told his uncle who took him to a police station the next day and they reported the incident.

A medical report found bruising on the teenager's face and evidence matching the 30-year-old's DNA that supported the teenager's story.

"It didn't happen," the 30-year-old told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance today.

The 30-year-old told the court he was financially incapable of hiring a lawyer.

The case was adjourned to April 22 while a defence lawyer is appointed.