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Man denies kidnap and running brothel

Unemployed man denies kidnapping man who told police he was running a brothel.

DUBAI // A man has denied kidnapping a compatriot who told police he was running a brothel.

Prosecutors said that on December 28 of last year, MS and another man kidnapped SM and locked him up in an apartment in Naif. They said the men kept SM locked in the apartment's bathroom for four days and demanded Dh15,000 in return for his freedom.

MS, a 28-year-old Bangladeshi, denied charges of kidnap and running a brothel when he appeared in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance this morning. His fellow defendant, identified as ZA, is not in custody.

The defence lawyer, Eisa bin Hayder, told Judge Maher Salameh that the arrest of MS had been illegal.

"The victim was deported two days following the alleged crime your honour and prosecution did not take his testimony," said Mr Bin Hayder, who added that there were no witnesses available to back up the prosecution's claims.

Before his deportation, SM, a 24-year-old blacksmith, told investigators that the men kidnapped him after he informed police they were running a brothel.

His ordeal ended on January 2 when police arrested MS following a tip-off.

An Emirati policeman KS, 25, said that MS confessed willingly during investigations.

A medical report ruled that bruising on SM was consistent with his allegations.

A verdict is expected on March 18.