x Abu Dhabi, UAEThursday 18 January 2018

Man denies hitting brother-in-law with iron bar, causing him disability

The alleged attacker was tracked down by a passing Emirati who witnessed the fight between two men.

DUBAI // A man left his brother-in-law permanently disabled after hitting him with an iron bar on his head and left arm, the Dubai Criminal Court was told on Thursday.

S A, 41, from India, said that on August 15, 2012 he phoned his sister’s husband, S H, 46, and was insulted by him during the call.

“I went to his house to solve a problem between him and my sister but I found the door locked, with my sister inside the house,” said S A.

“I waited for her husband outside the building at International City. When he arrived, he took me by surprise and hit me on the head and the arm with an iron bar.”

He said the alleged attacker then fled the scene but an Emirati man came to his aid.

“An Arab man came to check on me and said he would help me catch the defendant,” S A added. “About five minutes later this man returned after capturing my brother-in-law and then he called police.”

Emirati S A A, 27, told the court: “I saw two men fighting and one of them assaulting the other so I ran after him and caught him.”

The accused’s wife, S S, said she did not see the assault as she was inside the house with the door locked.

S S, 45, said: “My brother called my husband and, after seconds on the phone, I heard his voice getting louder and he started insulting my brother with foul language.

“After that, my brother came to the house but I couldn’t let him in because my husband had locked the door and left.”

S H denies assault and issuing insults and the next hearing is on March 6.