x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Man denies Dh182,000 cable theft charges

He and three others are accused of operating as a 'gang' to steal and resell cables in Dubai, police say.

DUBAI // One of four men accused of assaulting a security guard and stealing Dh182,000 worth of cable appeared in court this morning and denied the charges.

NH, a 25-year-old porter; JM, a clerk, 37; and GH and MA, both 25 and unemployed, were charged in the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance with forceful theft and threatening a person with a weapon.

The court was told that GH was the mastermind of the gang, which stole cables and sold them to an unidentified shop in Sharjah.

On the night of December 13, 2010, at a construction site in Al Khawaneej area, NH hit the security guard RP with a board, stunning him while two other men tied him to his chair and punched him, RP testified.

He said NH threatened to kill him if he made a sound, then took his mobile phone. The three other men used a bolt cutter to snip the cables, records show. Shortly afterwards, a van arrived to haul the goods away, RP said.

RP untied his hands and called police, who arrested NH few weeks later. NH is additionally accused of providing police with a labour card and an ID that belonged to another man.

The three other men were arrested in January.

The next hearing was scheduled for June 12 to summon JM, GH and MA.