x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Man confessed to drugs 'under threat and torture', Abu Dhabi court told

A man accused of drug possession was beaten while in police custody, his lawyer claims, citing medical reports.

ABU DHABI // A medical investigation shows police beat a drug suspect into confessing, a court heard today.

M, an Emirati, confessed during a police interrogation to consuming hashish, but his lawyer told the Criminal Court the confession could not be relied upon.

"He confessed under threat and torture," said lawyer Hadiya Al Hammadi. The lawyer presented the court with a medical report that concluded the prisoner had been beaten on the days that he underwent police interrogation.

"This means that police investigations and interrogation are invalid, which invalidates the evidence," added Ms Al Hammadi.

She requested bail for her client and asked for him to be referred for medical treatment until the trial's conclusion.

The judge did not announce a decision regarding bail, but adjourned the case to May 30.