x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Man charged with driving under influence of alcohol after Dubai crash that killed three

The 21-year-old Angolan driver confessed to driving the car under the influence of alcohol, said prosecutors.

DUBAI // A man who drove into a restaurant in Al Barsha on Friday killing three people and injuring three others has admitted to being under the influence of alcohol, prosecutors said yesterday.

CCTV recordings from a nearby hotel show the driver speeding and swerving across the road before mounting the pavement and ramming into a passerby, knocking him ten metres. The car then ploughs into the restaurant.

"The driver's licence hasn't been renewed since April 2012 and he was totally drunk," said Chief Prosecutor Salah Bu Farousha, head of Dubai Traffic Prosecution.

He said a 21-year-old Angolan man had confessed to driving the car and admitted being under the influence of alcohol.

Two Asian employees of the restaurant were killed instantly and a third died later from his injuries. Two of those who died were in the kitchen at the time, a third was outside taking a cigarette break.

Mr Bu Farousha said it was only "God's grace" that prevented the driver crashing into an SUV parked in front of the restaurant just seconds before.

Prosecutors charged the man with driving under the influence of alcohol, causing the death of three people and injuring three others as well as damaging properties.

If convicted he faces at least three years in prison.

There were several other traffic incidents over the weekend. On Thursday at 11.30pm a 34-year-old Indian man was airlifted to hospital after being hit by a car driven by a 35-year-old Pakistani in Jebel Ali industrial area.

On Friday at 4am, an Egyptian, 32, lost control of his car and crashed, injuring a 65-year-old woman. On Sunday a 25-year-old Lebanese driver jumped a traffic signal in Al Quoz and hit a 15-year-old Pakistani boy crossing the road.

So far during Ramadan six people have been killed in traffic accidents.