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Man ‘beat policeman with rock to evade arrest over massage cards’

Dubai court hears that Nigerian already had one hand in cuffs when he used a rock and assistance from friends to get away from the arresting officer.

A suspect with one hand already cuffed hit a policeman with a rock and escaped, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Wednesday.

The Nigerian accused was among a number of men targeted by police for distributing massage cards around Al Nahda.

On May 13 a police team was patrolling the area looking for men distributing the cards offering illicit services.

“I was among the team and saw the defendant placing cards on vehicles, so I approached him and showed him my military ID,” said the 23-year-old officer.

The defendant tried to escape but the officer caught him and placed the cuffs on one hand but failed to cuff the other, as the man resisted him fiercely, the officer added.

“He was screaming and resisting hard, then a number of his countrymen arrived to help him and it was then when he hit me with a rock on my face, leg and punched me on the stomach,” said the officer, adding that the defendant and another man assaulted him while the others helped free the man.

“We immediately reported it to the operations room then I was taken to hospital,” the officer added.

The defendant, 25, and his friend who allegedly assaulted the officer were arrested three days later.

They are charged with physical assault on a police officer, which the 25-year-old denied on Wednesday morning.

“I was not aware he was a police officer, he didn’t show me no ID,” said the 25-year-old defendant.

The second defendant, 26, admitted to the charge.

A verdict is expected on August 9.

Updated: August 2, 2017 02:16 PM