x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 25 July 2017

Man admits having sex with maid - but she denies it

Man admits having an illicit relationship with his maid ¿ but she denies it.

DUBAI // A man confessed in court today to having a sexual relationship with his maid - but she denied it.

PH, a 38-year-old bank employee from Sri Lanka and his maid AT, a 27-year-old also from Sri Lanka, were both charged at the Dubai Misdemeanours Court with having sex outside marriage.

The maid was also accused of stealing Dh40,000 worth of jewellery from the man's wife and using it to buy a plot of land in Sri Lanka.

Prosecutors said that in June the maid had been on holiday with her employer's family in Sri Lanka when she expressed a wish not to return to the Emirates or working as a maid. After cancelling her visa, the father of three discovered his wife's jewellery was missing and reported the maid to police.

The maid returned to the UAE in August and contacted the man's wife to tell her she had not stolen the money. Police then arrested her.

She told investigating officers he filed the case because she had broken off their year-long sexual relationship. She said they had sex in his apartment several times when his wife was not present.

However, she denied having sex with the man when she appeared in court.

The theft charge against the maid was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The court was adjourned to April 12 to hear the sex outside marriage charge.