x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Man accused of kidnapping, rape

He attacked a woman he met in an online chat room after taking her for dinner and drinks, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A 34-year-old manager was charged in Dubai court today with kidnapping and raping a woman whom he met through an online chat.

AA, 34, is accused of kidnapping a 26-year-old woman from Kazakhstan by threatening her with a sharp tool. He then beat her and raped her three times in her flat, the Criminal Court of First Instance was told.

He is also charged with causing a permanent disability of 2 per cent.

The two had gotten to know each other through an online chat and decided to meet in person, records show.

They went to Buddha Bar for dinner, then got drinks at a hotel bar, records show. About 3.30am they took a taxi to the woman's flat, records show.

"Once we arrived he expressed his desire to come up with me, but I refused," she told prosecutors. "He got angry and told me that he spent money on me, and then grabbed me by my hand and put what I thought was a knife to my back. I got scared and told him that I have Dh200 on me, which he could take, but he insisted that we went upstairs to find more money."

She said she agreed because she had flatmates and hoped they would be home and intervene.

But once they reached the flat, AA is accused of grabbing her hair and dragging her to her room to search for money. She started shouting, but he punched her in the face and head several times, records show. He then bashed her head against the wall, knocking her out, and raped her, reports say.

Afterwards, he put her in the bathtub, took her laptop and mobile phone and left, locking the door from outside, records show.

After his arrest, AA told police the woman had agreed to have sex with him for US$500 (Dh1,800), but he attacked her after the sex got violent.

AA, who is free on bail, did not attend the hearing.

A verdict is expected on December 26.