x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 16 January 2018

Maid assaulted by co-worker, court told

Male employee at sponsor's house took her to a flat after her medical tests and attacked her, prosecutors say.

DUBAI // A maid was attacked and sexually molested on her first day on the job by a male worker at her employer's house, a court heard this morning.

The Filipina SM, 25, told prosecutors that her assailant, Bangladeshi ME, 25, lured her to a flat in International City, attacked her there and attempted to rape her.

He denied the charges this morning at the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

Records show he took SM on September 14 to complete her residency medical tests. After the tests, he took her to a flat in International City, where he said he needed to drop off some items.

"I went with him because I trusted him and never thought he would sexually attack me," she told prosecutors.

Bangladeshi salesman MA, 28, told prosecutors that ME called him and asked to meet him at his apartment to drop off some items.

"He showed up as I was leaving for work with the woman and asked me to let him rest in the apartment for a while, and I left them," MA said.

Records show ME attacked SM and molested her before she fought him off and hid in the toilet.

"I told him if he does not leave me alone I will kill myself before he apologised and asked me not to tell our sponsors," she said.

Upon her return home, SM told another maid what had happened, and she told their sponsor of the incident.

The court adjourned the case to December 13.