x Abu Dhabi, UAEFriday 19 January 2018

Maid allegedly abandons baby and steals Dh17,000 after cleaning up Dubai apartment

A maid abandoned her employer's baby and stole Dh17,000 before running away, but not before cleaning up the apartment, hears court.

DUBAI // A maid abandoned her employer’s baby, stole Dh17,000 and ran away – but finished her cleaning duties first, a court heard yesterday.

The baby’s mother began to fret when she remembered leaving the money on her dresser, so the father returned to investigate.

When he arrived the baby was crying and the money was gone … but the apartment was sparkling clean.

Prosecutors told the Criminal Court it happened on April 3 this year. The couple left for work in the morning, leaving their baby with the maid – WN, 24, from Indonesia – as usual.

Three hours later, the mother phoned the maid to check on her and was told she had finished her work. But the mother became suspicious when the maid failed to answer subsequent calls and the father went to check on the apartment.

When he arrived he found the flat abandoned and his baby girl crying.

“The house was really clean which means she didn’t plan to steal until she saw the money,” said the wife. “My husband said there was no way that the maid would have taken the money because she was such a polite and religious woman.”

Prosecutors charged the maid with theft and with deliberately endangering the life of a child.

In court, she denied both charges. The next hearing was scheduled for September 15.