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Loan row 'ended in stabbing'

A writer stabbed a friend who accused of her failing to repay a Dh500 loan, hears court.

DUBAI // A writer allegedly stabbed a friend during a row over a Dh500 loan, a court heard.

Prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court last week said KL, 30, a writer from Morocco, stabbed her friend and compatriot MA, 25, a housewife, in her thigh and abdomen.

The two women were living in the same building and were in the middle of a disagreement over Dh500 the housewife had lent to the writer.

Prosecutors say the writer blamed the other for ruining her reputation by telling their other friends about the loan.

"I went down to her flat to see her as she had called and I was not able to answer as I was on another line," the housewife said.

"I asked what she wanted and she said, 'Why are you ruining my reputation?'. This was something I denied, but she insisted and said, 'I will ruin your face instead'," she added.

The writer then allegedly attacked the housewife.

"I tried to protect myself with my handbag but as I was about to leave she stabbed my thigh, abdomen and hand before I fell on the floor," said the housewife.

The writer allegedly then dragged the victim out of her flat and put her in a lift, where another resident spotted her and called for help. The writer fled.

She denied physical assault and possession of alcohol. The case was adjourned to Tuesday.