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Life terms reduced for Dubai engineers who raped woman

Two men who raped an 18-year-old girl had their life sentences reduced to 10 years.

Dubai// Two engineers who kidnapped and raped a woman had their life sentence reduced to 10 years in prison by the Dubai Court of Appeal.

The Emirati engineers, AI, 25 and AS, 26 were convicted of luring an 18-year-old girl to a deserted area on the pretence of lending her a car.

They both took turns raping her and AI used his mobile phone to film AS having sex with the woman. The two were given life in prison by the Dubai Criminal Court in August.

Prosecutors sought the death penalty against the defendants.

The victim, from Comoros Island, said she met AI in an internet chat room. They were in a relationship but soon broke up.

She said she asked AI to help her buy a car but he said he would lend her one of his cars instead. According to records, he picked her up and drove her to Al Aweer claiming to bring the car. AI then asked her to ride with his friend AS and follow him.

AS's car got stuck in the sand, the victim told prosecutors. She asked AI to take her home but instead he drove to a remote area, took her mobile away and raped her.

When he finished, he ordered her to have sex with AS and filmed them during the act. She said that she begged him to stop but they ignored her.

On their way back, AI stopped to change his flat tyre and the victim jumped out of the car and sought the help of a group of men nearby. One of them was a police captain who called the police.

She said the defendants fled.

Both denied the charges last June at the Dubai Criminal Court.