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Lawyer ‘slashed woman she accused of sleeping with her husband with glass bottle’

Drunken Ukrainian woman got violent after celebrating New Year, Dubai court hears.

A drunken lawyer slashed a woman’s face with a glass bottle after accusing

her of having an affair with her husband, a Dubai court heard on Monday.

After celebrating New Year 2017 with a number of friends, the 26-year-old defendant, from Ukraine, is said to have confronted her countrywoman about her suspicions.

The defendant and her husband were visiting the home of the woman and her husband in the early hours after a New Year party.

“She arrived at my apartment in Al Barsha along with her husband at about 4am. She asked to talk to me privately and started questioning me if I had an affair with her husband,” said the woman who was attacked, a 29-year-old makeup artist.

“I told her it’s not true and she then walked towards her husband and asked him the same and he told her it was not true.”

An argument then ensued as the accused was drunk and became offensive, said the makeup artist. The lawyer allegedly insulted her countrywoman while using foul language before hitting the woman with a glass bottle in the face.

“The bottle broke due to the strong blow and caused me a deep cut. I started bleeding heavily while she walked away quietly as if nothing happened,” said the makeup artist.

The victim’s husband told prosecutors that, as he was taking his wife to hospital, he saw the defendant outside their building trying to get into a taxi.

“I told the driver, who saw my bleeding wife, that his passenger caused this injury and asked him not to take her, so he didn’t, and police arrived shortly after I called them and apprehended her,” said the 32-year-old.

A medical report found that the deep cut left the woman with visible disfiguration and she required reconstructive surgery.

In court on Monday the defendant said she could not remember what happened.

“I can’t recall what happened, I was out of my senses and a friend of mine told me what I did and what I said. I came [to Dubai] on a visit to celebrate the New Year and I just want to go home,” the defendant told judges.

She is facing charges of physical assault, issuing insults and consuming alcohol without a licence.

The makeup artist was also present in court and said that she would never forgive her attacker. “She must be locked up for what she did to me and she must pay compensation because I underwent surgery, which I paid for,” she said.

The next hearing will be on September 21.

Updated: August 21, 2017 02:21 PM