x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 26 July 2017

Lawyer decries police drug test discrepancies in court

He says the flawed results mean there is no evidence with which to convict his clients.


DUBAI // A defence lawyer accused authorities of fabricating evidence and told a Dubai court this morning that the drug test his client was given was not accurate.

Advocate Saeed al Gilani told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance that Dubai police accused his one of his clients of consuming drugs, but when they tested him the result came back as "light” the first time and "positive" the second.
Mr al Gilani is defending two men, AM, a 31-year-old bank manager from Egypt, and AR, 28, an accountant from Algeria, who are accused of consuming hashish. AR also faces charges of drug possession.

According to court records, the men were arrested in a Dubai hotel room on December 10 last year.

“There isn’t such a thing [as 'light'] your honour – it's either positive or negative,” Mr al Gilani said, adding that even if the first result were to be considered accepted, it wouldn't make sense that the second test would contain stronger evidence of drug use.

“The test’s application has a note on it, your honour, that was written down by the nurse who had taken the blood sample. The note says, 'not identified',” he told the court.
All the potential meanings of that note exculpate his clients, he said.
Al Gilani said a third man with them was freed because police said his test results came back negative. He said that man had left the country and his testimony was not included in the case file.

Both defendants denied the charges this morning and a verdict is expected on April 4.