x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 17 January 2018

Lawyer 'assaulted police after row with wife's ex'

A lwayer denies assaulting two police officers who were arresting him.

DUBAI // A lawyer has been accused of assaulting two police officers after a row with his wife's ex-husband.

S?S, 24, and E?A, 22, were hurt on August 29 while responding to a dispute in Al Barsha, Dubai Misdemeanours Court was told yesterday.

The ex-husband, S?B, told the officers his former wife, M?H, had taken their children at 5pm and had not returned them after two hours, as she was required to under a court order granting him custody.

She returned after 11pm with the children and her current husband, S?H, 48, an Egyptian lawyer, in his car.

The lawyer failed to provide identification when asked and the officers arrested him for driving without a licence.

They claim that when they tried to handcuff him and get him into their patrol car, he resisted, twisting the arm of one of them and pushing him away.

The lawyer said the car was his wife's and that she was driving.

He denied resisting the arrest, and said one of the officers kneed him in the groin.

"They hit me all over my body using the handcuffs and allowed my wife's ex-husband to hit me on the face," he said.

Prosecutors allege that he deliberately hit his head on the patrol car's window and then threatened to claim the police had assaulted him.

He denied charges of assaulting and threatening the officers. The next hearing will be on May 2.