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Lamborghini rental company demands Dh50,000 more from speeding British tourist Farah Hashi

The holidaymaker paid Dh117,000 in a deal with police and car company. But the firm wants to cover 16-day period the car sat outside his hotel

Farah Hashi pictured in a social media post.
Farah Hashi pictured in a social media post.

A car hire company at the centre of a dispute with a British tourist caught speeding in a Lamborghini is demanding he pay an additional Dh50,000.

Farah Hashi, 25, from Newport, Wales, rented the luxury Dh1.3 million Huracan supercar in Dubai last month and has been unable to leave the country since.

After being caught speeding 33 times in four hours while on holiday, he accumulated fines amounting to Dh175,000.

Mr Hashi paid a discounted sum of Dh117,000 after reaching an agreement with police and the car rental agency and had believed he could return home to South Wales.

Now he is unable to leave the UAE without settling the additional charges.

Saeed Ali Rent a Car, which owns the Lamborghini, has filed a complaint with police.

Mr Hashi visited Dubai Police traffic department yesterday in an attempt to settle his case.

“The British tourist cannot leave the country until he pays the car rental agency about Dh50,000,” an official from the city’s traffic police said.

The Lamborghini parked outside a five star hotel on the Palm. Leslie Pableo for The National
The Lamborghini parked outside a five star hotel on the Palm. Leslie Pableo for The National

Mohammed Ibrahim, 36, who runs Saeed Ali Rent a Car, told The National he would not let the outstanding amount go unpaid.

“I lost money when the vehicle spent several days parked in front of the hotel.

“He rented the car for three days and ­returned it after 16 days. Renting such a vehicle costs Dh3,500 per day.”

The car was seen parked at the Five Palm Jumeirah hotel while Mr Hashi was staying there. Mr Ibrahim previously said he wanted to bring an end to the matter before the Eid holidays last week.

“I contacted officers at the traffic department who said that paying the speeding fines was a different issue from not paying the total amount due to rent the car,” Mr Ibrahim said.

“[Hashi] told me before that he would send me the money after returning to Britain. There is no guarantee that Hashi will send me Dh50,000 if he goes back.

“I am taking all the legal measures to get this money. I told him about the speeding fines when he rented the car and not to drive faster than 120kph on Sheikh Zayed Road.

“The money received from renting cars is used to pay for staff at the agency and other financial obligations.”

Mr Ibrahim also claimed that customers no longer want to rent the canary yellow Lambor­ghini, which has a distinctive Monster logo on the front, due to its recent notoriety. “I have to change the colour of the car and the plate ­number. No one wants to drive this car.”


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