x Abu Dhabi, UAEWednesday 24 January 2018

Labourers killed colleague over insults, court told

Men beat, strangled a member of a building crew during a drunken fight.

DUBAI // Two men beat a colleague, then strangled him and left his body in an abandoned area, a court heard this morning.

NS, 24, and JK, 30, carpenters from India, told the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance they got drunk and fought with a man named RK, but they did not kill him or intend to kill him.

Prosecutors said that on December 30, 2010, police found RK's body in Al Khwaneej area. Forensic reports said the causes of death were assault and strangling.

Investigations showed that the night before RK was found, he had been drinking with workers with whom he was constructing a villa in the area.

First Lt HA testified that a dispute broke out between NS and JK and RK. The three men fought and when RK fell to the ground, they left him and returned to their drinking.

He did not move, and the two men went to sleep and left him where he lay. HA said that in the morning, after they found him motionless in the same position as the night before, they knew he was dead and carried his body to an abandoned area.

NS told prosecutors that they were all drunk when RK started insulting them, then slapped him in the face, which caused the fight.

The next hearing is on July 6.