x Abu Dhabi, UAEMonday 22 January 2018

Labourer jailed for life for killing compatriot over missing Dh6,000

The Dubai Criminal Court finds a Bangladesh labourer guilty for stabbing his compatriot to death over stolen money. Five other men are guilty of aiding the murderer to flee to Oman.

DUBAI // A labourer who stabbed his compatriot to death believing him to have stolen Dh6,000 was yesterday sentenced to life in prison.

The Criminal Court found the Bangladeshi ME, 25, guilty of the premeditated murder of his fellow labourer Kamal Hussain Abdul Rashid. It found five other men – RD, 29, AS, 32, BA, 26, AA, 28, all Bangladeshi, and ES, a 24-year-old Omani, guilty of aiding and abetting the murderer escape justice by sheltering him as he fled to Oman.

A colleague found Rashid’s body in a pool of blood after breaking into his room on June 20 when he failed to open the door. Rashid’s fellow workers at the accommodation block in Al Quoz told police investigators that he had been accused of stealing the money a few days earlier.

Two days before Rashid’s body was found he reported himself sick and did not go to work.

During this time the murderer slipped into Rashid’s room and stabbed him multiple times in the chest before fleeing to Sharjah and then to Al Ain. He then escaped to Oman with the help of five associates.

Omani police arrested the murderer and sent him back to the UAE, where he admitted to police that he had stabbed the man, but claimed he did not mean to kill him.

A fellow labourer testified in court that he heard the murderer complaining about the theft of Dh6,000 some days before the attack. He said that he confronted Rashid about the theft, but he denied any involvement.

“On the day of the crime I went to [Rashid’s] room at nearly 7pm and repeatedly knocked on his door then called him but there was no answer,” he added, saying that he and a security guard then broke the room’s window and jumped inside to find the dad body.

“We called police and they took 60 workers from the accommodation to investigate with them,” he said.

All the men will be deported after completing their prison terms.