x Abu Dhabi, UAETuesday 23 January 2018

Labourer in Dubai jailed seven years for stabbing colleague to death

Worker who stabbed his compatriot to death is sentenced to seven years in prison.

DUBAI // A labourer who stabbed a colleague to death was today sentenced to seven years in prison.

NK, 22, from Pakistan, claimed he carried out the stabbing in self defence after Shalil Khan Ghazi approached him asking for sex - but the Criminal Court heard from the dead man's roommate, who said his friend was a "god-fearing man" who acted as Imam in prayers at their shared accomodation and that there was "no way he would have done that".

The two men had been involved in a dispute about work, after which NK visited Mr Ghazi while he was in his room on January 19 having called into work sick. NK stabbed Mr Ghazi in the chest twice, penetrating his liver and intestines. He then left the room and locked the door from the outside.

Mr Ghazi managed to call his roommate and told him what happened. The friend alerted emergency services and Mr Ghazi was taken to Rashid Hospital, but died four days later.

"He told me NK stabbed him twice," said the roommate, MD, 20, adding that there was "no way" his friend would have asked for sex. "[Mr Ghazi] was known for his good reputation and he often recited Quran, he was a decent and god fearing man, standing as Imam in many prayers, no way that he would have done that," said the roommate.

Prosecutors charged NK with premeditated murder and charged his compatriot KK with sheltering a murder suspect at his Abu Dhabi home.

Police arrested KK when he went to the murderer's room in Dubai to pick up some of his belongings. He then led the arresting officers to where his friend was hiding.

KK was convicted and sentenced to three months in prison.

NK will be deported after completing his prison term. No deportation order was made for KK.